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Regular check-ups are your pet's best defense against diseases, parasites, injury complications, allergic reactions and other preventable problems. At Black Mountain Road Pet Clinic, we believe every dog and cat deserves the chance to live a long, healthy life. To keep your pet on the right track, we offer $19.95 exams for all new clients (1st pet only). We welcome cats and dogs of all ages and sizes to take advantage of this low cost service at our Rancho Penasquitos vet clinic.

We want to make it easy to put your pet's health first. Each low cost pet exam includes a physical exam and consultation with our veterinarian.  

Full Physical Exam from Our San Diego Veterinarian

We use each new client exam as an opportunity to build a strong foundation for a lifetime of wellness. We want to know exactly what your pet needs to thrive, so we check for any abnormalities or signs of sickness or injury. Our Rancho Penasquitos veterinarian will perform a complete physical exam of your pet, including careful individual evaluations of the following:

  • Skin
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Heart
  • Mouth (including teeth)
  • Paws
  • Body

We will also evaluate your pet's weight, pulse and respiratory system to make sure everything looks good. This first exam will tell us about your pet's bone structure, digestive and respiratory health, skin, heart, oral hygiene, and a variety of other factors that are crucial indicators of overall health.

Support for New Pet Owners

At Black Mountain Road Pet Clinic, we know you want the best for your pets. Our low cost pet exams are never low on time or quality. We welcome your questions and concerns during your pet's checkup. If you need diet advice during your dog exam or have a litterbox question during your cat exam, speak up. If you have a new puppy or kitten, make sure you know which vaccinations and procedures you should schedule soon.

In fact, talking with owners is an important part of a comprehensive health evaluation. We need to know about the behaviors, nutritional habits and environmental conditions that make your pet's life unique. We may recommend changes to minimize future health risks or eliminate allergens, and your participation is required to make sure they stick.

Preventative Services Our Rancho Penasquitos Veterinarians Recommend

Pets are valuable members of the Rancho Penasquitos community, and we care about keeping them healthy. We recommend spay and neuter surgeries for every dog and cat, because they prevent overpopulation and reduce health risks and behavioral problems. We also suggest monthly parasite prevention. Ask us about the topical and oral medications that will best protect your pet from external parasites and heartworms.  

We also provide core and non-core vaccines for local dogs and cats, including vaccinations against rabies, Bordetella and FeLV. After your pet's first round of vaccines, they will need booster shots at regular intervals (usually every year) for the rest of their life. Keep your pets up-to-date on all vaccines to prolong their lives and follow local laws. 

Call us at 858-484-5000


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