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Cats are special and unusual creatures, but they definitely share one thing in common with dogs and many other mammals (including humans): their vulnerability to dental problems and oral health challenges. Issues such as periodontal disease and oral cancer need to be diagnosed and addressed as early in their development as possible, which is only possible by scheduling dental exams and teeth cleaning in conjunction with other preventative wellness services. Our Rancho Penasquitos veterinarian at Black Mountain Road Pet Clinic can provide that care to enhance your cat's quality of life for many years to come.

What is Periodontal Gum Disease 

The most common dental problem cats face is periodontal disease. This form of gum disease is an inflammatory response to bacteria that feed on the tartar accumulating around teeth, both above and below the gum line. Left untreated, the resulting bone and connective tissue damage can lead to tooth loss. Even worse, the bacteria can travel to other parts of the body such as the heart. While all cats can suffer from periodontal disease, certain breeds such as Persians and Abyssinians may be especially vulnerable. In some cases an underlying disease such as feline leukemia or diabetes may be a contributing factor -- another reason to keep up your cat's general wellness exams.

Cat Dental Exams

Regular dental examinations help minimize these risks. Our Rancho Penasquitos veterinarian can examine the oral cavity, teeth and gums thoroughly, using radiology and other techniques to pinpoint any dental problems that need to be treated. Deep teeth cleaning under anesthesia can remove even the toughest tartar to keep bacterial infiltration at bay. We can also identify and treat oral cancer early -- a critical step in fighting this aggressive disease.

Senior Cat Dental Concerns

Older cats can sometimes develop some odd dental problems exclusive to the species. One such problem is known as feline tooth resorption. This condition slowly destroys affected teeth while creating extreme pain when biting or chewing. Our cat dentist can diagnose this problem and extract the offending tooth if necessary.

Diagnosing Dental Pain 

One added complication in dealing with cats is these animals' reluctance to show pain. Cats instinctively try to hide any signs of discomfort or weakness, and this can make it harder to know when your cat has an acute dental problem. Difficulty chewing, apparent disinterest in food and refusal to be touched on the head are some signs to look for. If you suspect a dental problem, bring your cat to our Rancho Penasquitos veterinarian as soon as possible for evaluation and treatment. A broken or infected tooth may need to be extracted, which relieves the pain and can save the other teeth from a similar fate.

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A healthy mouth is an essential step toward a healthier, happier cat, so don't leave your beloved cat's dental wellness, comfort and quality of life to chance.

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