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Safety Package & Additions (Optional, Except for Capstar)

Pre-Anesthetic Blood Work ($50) : Prior to giving anesthesia it is important to find out how the internal organs are working. Compromised kidney or liver function can result in an accident.

Intravenous Catheter ($35) : Having the IV allows us to respond more quickly in the unlikely event of any life-threatening problems during the procedure.

IV Fluids ($75) : This helps to keep your pet’s blood pressure at a healthy level, protecting the heart and kidneys.  Giving fluids during the procedure also prevents dehydration, which can occur rapidly under anesthetic.  Animals who are given the IV fluids also tend to recover more quickly and smoothly than those who do not receive fluids.

Pain Relief Injection ($45) : The pain relief injection can be give just before the animal awakens from anesthesia, to ensure that the animal has a comfortable recovery from surgery.

Capstar ($12) – Oral tablet given to kill any fleas if present. (REQUIRED, not optional)

The veterinarian team at Black Mountain Road Pet Clinic strongly recommends that pet owners have their cats and dogs spayed or neutered as part of a lifelong wellness plan. Spaying and neutering has many benefits for the health and longevity of cats and dogs. Even you, your family, and your community will benefit from having your pet spayed or neutered. 

What is spay and neuter? 

Spay (in females) or neuter (in males) is a surgical procedure that renders your cat or dog sterile and unable to produce offspring. During the procedure, your pet's internal reproductive organs are removed.

Are there benefits to spaying and neutering my pet?

Yes! There are many well-known benefits to spaying and neutering your pet:

Spaying female cats and dogs has been shown to reduce the risk of feline or canine breast cancer and ovarian tumors. Also, a spayed female will not enter heat, which eliminates many problems including red discharge, aggression, and excessive licking. 

>Neutering male cats and dogs reduces the risk of feline and canine prostate enlargement, and effectively eliminates the risk of testicular cancer. Male pets that have been neutered also tend to show less behavioral problems, including wandering (to search for a mate), territorial marking, aggression, and excessive barking.

Even the community at large benefits when pets are spayed or neutered. Over-breeding and over-population is a huge problem in America--as many as 8 million dogs and cats are sent to shelters every year, and almost half of them are euthanized. By spaying and neutering your pet, you are preventing unwanted dogs and cats from ending up as strays, being sent to shelters, or being euthanized.

Are there any risks associated with spay and neuter?

It's important to realize that millions of cats and dogs are safely and successfully spayed or neutered every year. Like with any surgical procedure, spaying and neutering does carry some risk. However, the risk of complications is extremely low, and in general, the benefits of getting the procedure far outweigh any potential risks. 

What should I expect after I get my pet spayed or neutered?

Our Rancho Penasquitos Spay and Neuter team puts all pets under general anesthesia during the procedure, and occasionally your pet may experience mild side effects from sedation. This may include lethargy and grogginess. After the surgery, it's possible that your cat or dog will try to lick or scratch at the incision site, so it's important to protect the healing area by using a t-shirt or collar. 

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