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Let us help remove the stress of prescription medications. With easy ordering by phone, we can quickly fill your pet’s prescriptions, allowing you to come in when is convenient for you to pick up and go — without the long wait.


With prescription refills, health exams, and vaccinations in one convenient location, you can take the guesswork out of your pet’s medical care. We’ll happily keep record of which prescriptions your pet has so that you can easily request prescription refills. Our expert staff ensures proper dosage for your pet’s breed and size so that you know your pet’s health is priority.

Need a prescription refill?

Give us a call today, and we can fill your pet’s prescription in the hospital or you can visit our online store to get your pet’s medication or food directly shipped to your home from the manufacturers.  This allows the manufacturer to back up the products you purchase in case any issues arise with the products you purchase.  

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I LOVE THIS PLACE!! (And so did my kitten)

Maddie M. via Yelp